Wine Dinner featuring Bodegas Pedro B. Urbina

The wines of Bodegas Pedro Benito Urbina have a certain sense of place that most wines lack. It can be said of Rioja wines that they share particular characteristics unique to the valley and the grapes used, but in the case of Urbina, the zone is smaller and the qualities their wines show have a way of standing apart from their neighbors.

The Urbina family makes their wine in a town called Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón which is located in the far north west of the Rioja Alta. They grow their own grapes on two vineyards totaling about 170 acres of land. The main vineyard is situated right out side Cuzcurrita. The second vineyard lies about 40 miles away in Uruñuela, what is considered to be the heart of Rioja.

The winemaker Angel Urbina represents the 4th generation in the Urbina family. The operation is small, 40,000 case production, by Rioja standards. Still, there’s a lot of work that goes into making these wines. They manage their own vineyards using organic fertilizer, no pesticides, and harvest by hand. They keep their yield low, 2 tons per acre, and rely on the local yeasts that grow naturally in the vineyard. It is this kind of detail that makes Urbina a wine with a unique personality.

So, rather than provide you with all sorts of technical data of the wines which we are going to serve, I will instead invite you to attend the dinner and taste for your self what is more important, the personality of Urbina. And to help you know the wine even better before you taste, I share with you a short video presentation that shows the charm Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón and its people, which is the best way to know a wine, to visit its place of origin and meet the people.

Also attached please find the Bodegas Urbina website which features a cool sommelier blog site and the menu download. - Chef Pedro